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howdy there- my intro

Hello there, I'm Allison, I live in Dearborn and spend a good amount of time in Detroit, attend Wayne State and crochet like mad. I've been really antisocial for the last year or so, mental problems that no one wants to hear about so I'll spare y'all. I sew, crochet, make hemp and beaded jewelry, and I like knitting but I've not been doing it long enough to really know what I'm doing, one scarf and a couple hats all in 'learning' ie-garter? stitch, but it's fun. Got an airbrush for xmas from the niftiest guy I've ever met, so once I figure out how to use it I'll be airbrushing the crap out of everything. Looking forward to getting to know other metro-D people that like crafty things, maybe trade some of my creations for yours? If you'd like to see some stuff I've made:
crocheted stuff and sewn/reconstructed stuff and hemp stuff I've got more stuff made, and some of the stuff pictured is no longer in my possession, but that's some of what I do. Have fun and as many hugs as you'd like- Al
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